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Cisco Certifications from the basic level to Professional Level. Full training and preparation for Cisco exams.

Apps development

Training applications developement. Web, Cloud, Androdid and IoS Apps development using SQL and NOSQL Databases.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing for developers. Amazon Software Developement kit (Boto3) training using python and JavaScript

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Using Tensorflow, Keras and Tensorflow.js

Firebase Cloud

Using Google cloud platforms and Firebase technologies. Firebase Cloud Functions, Firebase Firestore and Firebase Messaging

Web Development Frameworks

Simplifying web development using frameworks. JavaScript (ReactJs, VueJs, AngularJs), Python (Flask, Django), PHP (Laravel)

Things Go Better With Education

Solve business and social problems using new and emerging technologies in computer science
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Our Instructors

Seasoned researchers and trainers. Work experience online and in several countries
Technical skills in: Data Security, Network Engineering,
Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Applications Development and many others.

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